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  • Job Tracking ID: 512302-649075
  • Job Location: Tampa, FL
  • Job Level: Mid Career (2+ years)
  • Level of Education: BA/BS
  • Job Type: Full-Time/Regular
  • Date Updated: September 13, 2018
  • Years of Experience: 2 - 5 Years
  • Starting Date: October 1, 2018

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Job Description:

include but not limited to:
* Continuously access, review, collate, correlate, corroborate, analyze, and maintain a wide variety of all-source intelligence reports, finished intelligence products/reports and intelligence/operational data necessary for the JIOC to fulfill its intelligence analysis, production, application, and dissemination responsibilities
* Produce tailored intelligence products using source material from a wide variety of DoD, Interagency, and Allied/Coalition organizations and assist in the final editing/processing/release/posting of finished products and the application of these products in operations and planning fora
* Providing near-term and current Regional/Country geo-political and General Military Intelligence (GMI)-orders of battle, training and exercises, force disposition and readiness analysis of the USCENTCOM region and countries (AOR) and USCENTCOM Areas of Interest (AOI)
* Providing near-term and current analysis on regional terrorist organizations, Violent Extremist Organizations (VEO), illicit networks, insurgent groups and related activities and issues within the CENTCOM AOR and the counterterrorism plans and intentions of AOR countries
* Compiling foundational data and conduct near and long-term analysis of the socio-cultural dynamics, tribal analysis, and geospatial behavior and interrelationships of key social groups in the AOR and AOI
* Supporting Joint Targeting. The contractor shall provide, at the direction of the government, qualified target intelligence analysts who shall perform tasks that include but are not limited to the following:
* Utilize all-source intelligence to develop Target System Analysis (TSA), targets, and compile and maintain target lists
* Write targeting appendices for deliberate and contingency plans. Assist with the development of targeting strategies
* Support the target vetting and validation process
* Perform weaponeering and Collateral Damage Estimates (CDE)
* Exploit and analyze imagery for targeting and produce imagery-based target graphics
* Conduct precise point mensuration (i.e. produce Joint Desired Points of Impact
* Conduct all-source analysis for Battle Damage Assessment (BOA) and assist with
Combat Assessment (CA)
* Conduct collateral damage incident research and report as necessary
* Compile visual depictions of target intelligence (i.e. target briefs, storyboards, graphics for working groups and boards, etc) to aid senior decision-makers

Experience and Skills:

Must have a TS with SCI eligibility and willing to take a counterintelligence polygraph
* Must possess a Current US issued tourist passport
* Must possess good written and oral communication skills
* Be familiar with MS office Suite

In addition to the Functional requirements of the CENTCOM TAAS TO, candidates must meet the following qualifications.

Junior Level:

  • * Bachelor Degree or Masters Degree, or,
  • * Specialized training & 2-3 yrs intelligence analysis experience, or
  • * 3-4 years of military intelligence experience, or
  • * Equivalent Intelligence/Academic experience
  • * Junior level personnel work semi-independently with frequent government oversight. Provides completed products that may require multiple significant revisions and/or editing.

Mid Level:

  • * Bachelor or Masters Degree with 4-6 yrs of military intelligence analysis experience or,
  • * Specialized training & 4-8 yrs intelligence analysis experience, or
  • * Equivalent intelligence/academic experience
  • * Mid Level personnel work independently with moderate government oversight. Provides comprehensive and completed products that may require multiple minor revisions and/or editing.

Sr Level:

  • * Bachelor or Masters Degree with 8+ yrs of intelligence analysis experience, or
  • * Specialized training & 10+ yrs of intelligence analysis experience, or
  • * Equivalent intelligence/academic experience, or
  • * Credentialed subject matter expert or recognized specialist in a relevant field.
  • * Sr Level personnel work independently with minimal government oversight. Provides thorough and completed products that may require minor revisions and/or editing.