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Mid-level CI Analyst

  • Job Tracking ID: 512302-650925
  • Job Location: Quantico, VA
    DIA HQ Bolling AFB ,
    DIA HQ Reston, VA
  • Job Level: Mid Career (2+ years)
  • Job Type: Full-Time/Regular
  • Date Updated: September 26, 2018
  • Years of Experience: 5 - 7 Years
  • Starting Date: October 15, 2018

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Job Description:

Convergent Solutions, Inc. is seeking experienced mid-level counterintelligence Analyst to support the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) and the CED Program. If you are looking for a high energy, rewarding contract position; please read on!

Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) is first in all-source intelligence to prevent strategic surprise and deliver a decision advantage to war fighters, defense planners, and policy makers. CED, within the OCI conducts CI investigative and internal CI activities to protect DIA personnel, information, and missions from FIE and insider threats. The following Six CED core Cl missions are requirements of the contractor/employee to meet when filling this position:

1) CI Investigative Support

2) CI Protective Activities

3) CI Risk Assessments

(4) Threat Management

(5) CED Foreign Programs

(6) Integration and Lead Development Activities.

Investigative Support
Contractors shall assess reported information, select, and recommend Cl investigative techniques and procedures.
Contractors shall assess Cl/CE information and other intelligence reporting to accurately identify elements of espionage and tradecraft/collection methodology of FIE.
Contractors shall preserve investigative viability of sources of information during the investigative lead generation.
Contractors shall identify and analyze relevant data from Agency and Intelligence Community(IC) repositories and prepare products using analytical tradecraft consistent with Intelligence Community Directives and DIA standards. The products shall include, but are not limited to link analysis diagrams, timelines, and investigative reports.

CI Protective Activities
Contractors shall plan and present CIAR training IAW DIA CIAR standards
Contractors shall develop and tailor CIAR training to the supported DIA component
Contractors shall develop and present tailored threat assessments/briefings or threat data for DIA missions, personnel or locations
Contractors shall assist Operational Security (OPSEC) program managers in the development of organizational OPSEC plans
Contractors shall conduct appropriate Cl activities supporting initial reports from Counterintelligence and Security Reporting System (CISRS) according to Defense Intelligence Agency Instruction, DIAi 5240.009
Contractors shall identify vulnerabilities related to a supported Directorate's personnel or missions and recommend and implement CE activity to mitigate the vulnerability
Contractors shall provide advice, insight & guidance concerning CI issues to DIA employees and leaders
Contractors shall identify and mitigate risks to ensure integrity of reporting and information confidence for intelligence analysts and decision makers
Contractors shall plan, research and conduct foreign program pre-briefings and debriefings
Contractors shall conduct open source research and report findings
Contractors shall plan, research and conduct country threat briefings for which the DIA affiliate is going to travel
Contractors shall execute CI support to overt collection, asset validation and enabling activities
Contractor will produce JIR as result of information obtained from CIFS

CI Risk Assessments - Contractors shall produce assessments of CI threats and vulnerabilities and assess the level of CI risk to DIA affiliates. The risk assessment will be based on an assessment of complex data which will result in sound CI recommendations to DIA leaders in order to make a decision on risk management.

Contractors shall develop and recommend CIRA plans

Contractors shall employ risk analytical assessment methodology to conduct risk assessments

Contractors shall conduct database checks, record checks, case file reviews, and other appropriate CI activities with other DOD and federal entities in support of CIRAs
Contractors shall prepare CIRA reports using ICDs and DIA standards in approved formats

CI Threat Management - Contractors shall review multiple threat streams in order to identify CI indicators, find FIE nexus, and recommend appropriate actions utilizing multiple databases, analytical products, and CI regulations and policies to protect the Agency from FIE penetration and collection activities.
Contractors shall receive, triage, task and manage FIE threat streams for CED
Contractors shall research CISRS and CI Incident reports and recommend the appropriate outcome on each incident based on the facts and circumstance of the initial report
Using available databases and collected information, contractors shall conduct CI reviews to determine further Cl activities
Contractors must identify, review and validate anomalies of all threat streams and recommend appropriate actions
Contractors shall conduct Cl checks on multiple systems to identify FIE nexus to incidents that include a reportable CI indicator
Contractors shall coordinate with CI analysts for supporting products, research trends, and to identify FIE Tactics, Techniques , and Procedures (TIP) of higher risk threats.
Contractors shall develop and write clear, concise leads for action
Contractors shall use IT tools and products to monitor status of the action(s)

CED Foreign Program - Contractors shall identify threats to DIA personnel who travel to foreign countries, identify foreign threats or influence to DIA personnel through foreign contacts, and identify foreign threat posed by foreign visitors to DIA facilities.
Contractors shall research and develop lead packages on Foreign Travel, Foreign Contact, and Foreign Visits, identify, review and validate anomalies, conduct CI checks on multiple systems, coordinate with CI analysts for supporting threat products, research trends, identify FIE Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TIP), develop and write clear, concise leads for action. Use Information Technology (IT) tools and products to monitor status of the action(s).
Contractors shall plan, research and conduct Foreign Contact Country Report activities which includes coordinating with country Subject Matter Experts (SME), identifying, reviewing and validating anomalies. identifying FIE TIP, in order to develop and maintain current country specific threat briefings
Contractors shall plan, research and conduct Foreign Visitor Reports which includes receiving input, identifying, reviewing and validating anomalies, researching FIE TIP, developing debriefing lead packets and updating spreadsheets
Contractors shall assess lead packages, and as appropriate, request update or additional information and develop a plan to debrief a DIA affiliate
Contractors shall develop a CI plan to address risk associated with foreign visitors to DIA facilities

CIAR Training and Management - Contractors shall research and develop CIAR training products, manage SharePoint site for CIAR training event, and assist in CIAR training reconciliation for DIA employees. Contractors shall maintain current and relevant information on a CIAR forum to provide additional strategic messaging for CIAR awareness and current FIE TIP.

Experience and Skills:

Knowledge and Skills

All personnel shall be highly proficient in using basic computer applications such as Microsoft Office.

Experience and Education

Must be a graduate from an accredited CI Special Agent credentialing school (must provide documentation from CI Special Agent credentialing school).
Must have a minimum of three (3) years cumulative experience conducting CI collections, Cl functional services, CI investigations, or CI operations.

Occasional travel may be required, both CONUS and OCONUS.